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Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Having one's ducks in a row is essential when it comes to dealing with slip and fall cases. Many stores these days, including Walmart, make it a complete hassle for ordinary people to file a slip and fall claim against the store in question. When it comes to filing claims against Walmart, many people wonder, "How long will it take Walmart to settle on slip and fall case?" This a very legitimate concern for injured people, since the majority of people just want to return to their normal lives without the complexities of a legal battle hampering their lives.

The more organized you are and understand how to argue against Walmart, the shorter the amount of time your case will remain in court. Walmart lawyers will use everything they can against you in a court of law. In one case, a grandmother slipped and fell in a Walmart store but waited two years later to file a court case against Walmart. During that time, she suffered a stroke which has had a negative impact on her case. The case is still ongoing and Walmart attorneys may use the fact that she had a stroke against her.

Typically, it can take 6 to 9 months to settle an ordinary slip and fall claim in which the person has not suffered a serious injury. However, if you have a non-serious injury and are filing against Walmart the case will likely take longer. It is worth your time to consult with an attorney about pursuing litigation, since an attorney usually handle slip and fall claims on a contingent basis. This means that if you receive nothing from the case, then you owe nothing to the attorney.

If you have suffered a serious injury, then it is also worth your time to not rush your claim against Walmart. Consult with an attorney and build a persuasive case that will make a jury of people feel for your bad fortune. So, to answer, "How long will it take Walmart to settle on slip and fall case?" The answer is it could be a few months or it could be many years. Just remember that the better you formulate your case, the more likely you are to win!