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Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Learning how to recognize a fraudulent slip and fall claim can protect your company from a multi-million dollar lawsuit. With a poor economy and high unemployment rates, insurance companies are seeing a dramatic rise in questionable slip and fall claims. In some cases, desperate people see faking an injury as a quick way to make a buck. What scammers don't consider is they could potentially face jail time and thousands of dollars in legal fees if their scheme is uncovered. Fake claims are submitted by all types of people. Grandparents, attorneys, and organized crime rings have all perpetrated slip and fall scams. Fortunately, attorneys for insurance companies have received extensive training on how to recognize a fraudulent slip and fall claim.

It's not uncommon for an unscrupulous person to fake a slip and fall on a damaged sidewalk or any area with a visible defect. Knowing how to recognize a fraudulent slip and fall claim can prevent a scam from happening to you. Fraudulent slip and fall cases frequently occur in areas with limited surveillance coverage. Bathrooms, corridors, entryways, stairways, ramps, and parking lots are high-risk places for fraudulent claims. Surveillance cameras are an excellent deterrent to for fake claim. In many cases, surveillance cameras have caught scammers in the act of staging their injury.

Many fraudulent slip and fall claims are homegrown operations. It's common for parents and grandparents to recruit children and grandchildren to act as supporting witnesses to an accident that never happened. For this reason, witnesses within families are unreliable and can be red-flags indicating a fraudulent claim. Organized crime groups and attorneys have also orchestrated fake slip and fall claims by hiring recruits.

Scammers will stop at nothing to pull-off a fake slip and fall. Victims intentionally pour fluids on the ground or drop grapes, marbles, etc., in order to fake their injuries. Some scammers have gone as far as pretending a genuine injury occurred at a different location. Here are a few more tips for understanding how to recognizing a fraudulent slip and fall claim: claimant has extensive knowledge of the insurance claims process, provides false contact information, refuses to provide work history for lost wage compensation, lack of credible witnesses, claimant hires an attorney immediately, makes threatening demands for immediate cash settlement, history of questionable claims, victim claims to have soft tissue injuries, dizziness, headaches, and other ailments that are hard to prove.