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Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Many people have the perception that going to court for a slip and fall case is the best option. Often, people may believe they will receive millions of dollars if a case is settled successfully in court with a jury. The truth is that it can often be more beneficial for people to settle out of court, rather than in court. Many people wonder about the time involved with a slip and fall case. Well, the time spent in settling a case out of court can often be much less than settling a case in court. The time involved with a slip and fall case will be much shorter if there is an out of court settlement made, rather than if the case had gone to court.

It is almost a fact that out of court settlements take a shorter amount of time to complete than in court settlements. It can take only weeks to settle an out of court settlement, especially if a business truly does not want to go to court. Many businesses do not want to be associated with negative media coverage in a full out trial. A court case can take weeks, months, and even many years before it is settled.

It is usually in the best benefit of a plaintiff and defendant to settle a case out of court. As a plaintiff, you will receive your money in a much timelier manner than had the case been at court. If your case goes to court, there are many problems you may face even if you win the trial. Even if you win the case, the opposing counsel will likely attempt to appeal the case. While the case is in appeals, you will not see a penny of the money you won in the first case. Ultimately, the case may even be ruled in favor of the defendant rather than yourself.

Going to court for a slip and fall case is almost riskier for a plaintiff, considering the possibility that one may lose the trial and still have to pay attorney's fees. A plaintiff should seriously consider any options he or she may have to settle with a business or property owner out of court. The out of court settlement is often the best choice in a slip and fall case. Essentially, the time involved with a slip and fall case will always be shorter if an out of court settlement is made.